Callan Chythlook -Sifsof (32), accused Peter Foley, Team USA coach, and Olympian Hagen Kearney, of sexual misconduct, and racism

Chythlook-Sifsof was a competitor in the 2010 Winter Olympics and claimed that Foley had taken naked photos of female athletes for many decades

She said that Kearney finished 17th in men’s snowboardcross on Thursday and had made rape jokes about female colleagues.

Foley denied all allegations. Kearney stated that he learned from his mistakes and is now a better person for it.

The US Ski and Snowboarding Association has launched an international investigation into these allegations. It stated that it was taking it seriously.

An ex-US Olympic snowboarder was accused of accusing a Team USA coach and teammate sexual misconduct and racism. This triggered an internal investigation by US Ski and Snowboarding.

Callan Chythlook -Sifsof, 32, who participated in the 2010 Winter Olympics, posted a series on Instagram this week. Some of these posts have since been deleted. She said that she couldn’t watch this year’s games due to coach Peter Foley, and Olympian Hagen Kearney.

Foley was accused of taking naked photos of female athletes over decades, while Kearney was accused of using the n word frequently and making rape jokes regarding female teammates.

“This is the truth,” Chythlook Sifsof posted on Instagram.

“I won’t carry this stuff anymore. There was bizarre behavior throughout the team. Although the people I have named are toxic, the reality is that the culture of the team supported this behavior.

“Other athletes have involuntary participated in racist, misogynist behaviour, actively contributed to the strange dynamics that Peter Foley created, and caused female staff/athletes to be victims sexual violence.”

Foley repeatedly denied the allegations and told Newsweek that he was surprised by the allegations. The allegations are utterly false. I will do my best to support the Olympic athletes.

USA Today’s Kearney stated that he made a mistake with his words years ago and the appropriate action was taken. I have learned from my mistakes and am a better person for it.