The first vice president of Political Action of Vox and MEP, Jorge Buxadé, has referred to the President of the Government of Spain as a “sociopath” and has said that the leader of the Socialists “is a dangerous guy who lacks scruples and feelings” , in reference to his words after learning of the assault on the Melilla fence last Friday.

«It has been a violent assault, well organized, well perpetrated and in this case, I think well resolved by the two security forces, both from Spain and Morocco. I also want to thank the work of the Moroccan Government », this is how Pedro Sánchez explained last Friday (one day after the assault) his assessment of what happened at the same time that images of the brutality in the actions of the Moroccan forces began to be seen.

“Well resolved”, were the two words that surprised many of the citizens who knew through video and photos the treatment that immigrants received in the Maghreb country.

Buxadé has charged the Government for what happened last Friday in Melilla and has held it responsible. «They are incapable of developing an immigration policy of zero illegal immigrants in European territory»; This is how the Vox MEP criticized the Socialist Executive, whom he has accused of “constant complicity” with “the immigration invasion.” The Deputy Secretary for Political Action has attacked the European Union for not achieving a migration policy of zero immigrants and “all those in Europe who call for massive and uncontrolled immigration”, including “the mafias that enrich themselves with the trafficking of human beings , both on land and on the sea.

Hand in hand with immigration, he has requested that the Spanish Navy be in charge of monitoring the Spanish coasts to avoid the “invading barges” that arrive with immigrants fleeing the war. Buxadé has also pointed out the “lack of financing” of the Spanish Army.

As for NATO, the first deputy secretary of Political Action of Vox has demanded that the Socialist Executive do what is necessary at the Summit of the Atlantic Alliance so that non-European territories are included in article 5, «any other conclusion that does not go through that modification at the Summit will be a failure of Mr. Sánchez’s international policy».

Jorge Buxadé has highlighted that this Summit is “really relevant”, since the formation of Abascal hopes that certain objectives will be achieved within a “new strategic concept” of NATO that equitably distributes “burdens, positions and responsibilities in the within the military organization.