In this context, Bätzing called on Pope Francis to implement the results of the world synod. The Pope did not do this at the Amazon Synod. He hopes that the Pope will now “structurally commit himself more closely to results.” The question is how the interaction between real synodality and papal primacy works. “This is a question that still needs to be clarified under canon law,” said Bätzing.

The world synod is scheduled to take place in Rome from October 4th to 29th. Clergy and some lay people from all over the world take part. Germany is represented by a delegation. Francis called the World Synod, and there will be a second round in a year. However, the format is controversial because the decision-making authority is unclear. In the Catholic Church, the Pope has the greatest authority.

At the Amazon Synod mentioned by Bätzing in 2019, the participants called with a clear majority to relax compulsory celibacy for the region, which is particularly badly affected by a shortage of priests, and to also allow married men as priests. However, Pope Francis did not respond to the demands.