Bryson DeChambeau led the U.S. Open despite facing a hip injury. During the third round at Pinehurst No. 2, DeChambeau wowed the crowd with his golf skills, opening a 4-stroke lead. His entertaining personality and solid performance on the course endeared him to fans.

Matthieu Pavon, Rory McIlroy, and Patrick Cantlay were among the top contenders, trailing DeChambeau by 3 strokes. DeChambeau’s lead was impressive, especially considering his hip discomfort, which required the assistance of a physical therapist during the tournament.

DeChambeau’s journey to the top of the leaderboard was marked by strategic play and consistent putting. His approach to “boring golf” paid off, allowing him to maintain a steady lead. Despite facing challenges like a double bogey on the 16th hole, DeChambeau’s resilience and skill shone through.

The final round promises an exciting showdown as DeChambeau aims to secure his second major championship victory. Meanwhile, competitors like McIlroy, Pavon, and Cantlay will be looking to close the gap and challenge DeChambeau’s lead.

The U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2 presented a tough test for all players, with only eight contenders under par after 54 holes. The challenging course conditions, combined with scorching heat, added to the intensity of the competition.

As the final round approaches, golf fans can look forward to a thrilling conclusion to an eventful tournament. DeChambeau’s quest for another major title, alongside the fierce competition from other top players, sets the stage for an exciting finish at the U.S. Open.