Brooks Koepka found himself at the top of the leaderboard during the U.S. Open but ended up with an even-par 70 due to late bogeys. He declined media interviews, citing boredom with routine questions. In an exclusive interview with Lynch, Koepka expressed his lack of interest in traditional questions and the lack of creativity in post-round inquiries. He emphasized that he is not motivated by media interactions and prefers to spend time resting and relaxing after a round.

Koepka highlighted his strong iron play during the round but admitted to some mistakes on certain holes. He mentioned that he declined his press conference for the week and preferred to spend time with his crew, rest, and prepare for upcoming activities. He also shared his thoughts on the course set-up, potential challenges with the weather, and his expected score for the tournament.

When asked about potential post-round interviews in the future, Koepka humorously mentioned that he might skip them if he doesn’t feel like it, emphasizing that his statements are not crucial to most golf fans. Despite the media’s interest in his opinions, Koepka remains focused on his game and personal routines.

In discussing the possibility of a PIF deal with the Tour, Koepka expressed his opinion that while a deal might be signed quickly, it would take time to iron out all the details. He also mentioned Rory McIlroy’s approach to media interactions during tournaments and how his own decisions regarding interviews are often misinterpreted.

Overall, Koepka’s candid and straightforward responses in the interview shed light on his perspective on media interactions, his priorities after a round of golf, and his relaxed attitude towards public perception of his statements. As he continues to compete in major tournaments and navigate the world of professional golf, Koepka’s focus remains on his game and personal well-being rather than conforming to traditional media expectations.