Despite a new search tactic, six-year-old Arian from Elm in Bremervörde remained missing on the fifth night. “Unfortunately, the night didn’t get us anywhere,” said a police spokesman. There were no new leads. The search continues today with concentrated manpower.

Using a so-called quiet strategy, around 200 Bundeswehr soldiers searched for the boy in small groups and with night vision devices on Saturday night. A police spokeswoman said on Friday evening that the new tactic had also been discussed with an autism expert, among others. According to police, Arian is autistic and does not respond to speech. Beforehand, among other things, music was played and fireworks were set off because the boy liked it. The police hoped to get a lead on the six-year-old from northern Lower Saxony, who has been missing since Monday evening.

Occupational therapist: Photos of the mother help with the search

During the search for the missing person, recordings of the mother were also played. She allows him to contact emergency services, as occupational therapist Jutta Bertholdt reported to the dpa. Bertholdt advises the helpers during the search. Arian is autistic and could shy away from contacting emergency services without the permission of someone he trusts. Rules are comparatively important to people with autism, said Bertholdt. According to her, Arian’s mother is said to have recorded corresponding messages. Several media outlets reported.

Search in familiar and new places

Emergency services continue to search for six-year-old Arian on and along the Oste River. A police spokesman told the German Press Agency. On the Oste, a tributary of the Elbe, the helpers travel with several sonar boats. Additional emergency services are combing the area between the town of Elm and the municipality of Oldendorf. Arian went missing on Monday evening. Since then, hundreds have been searching for the autistic boy, who does not speak and would probably not respond to calls from strangers.

In the area between Elm and Oldendorf, a dpa reporter observed an estimated 30 Bundeswehr soldiers combing through a pasture. They spread out in a line and searched the ground.

The police spokesman said around 50 police officers had volunteered to help. “They may have sacrificed their only free weekend,” said the spokesman.