The search for six-year-old Arian from Bremervörde in Lower Saxony continued on Thursday night. There is nothing new, the search continues, said a police spokesman for the German Press Agency (dpa) early on Thursday morning. At the request of the parents, the fire department hung balloons and candy in a wooded area adjacent to the boy’s family home. “They did it to the boy,” a police spokesman told dpa. The helpers positioned wildlife cameras in the forest to discover the boy. Arian is reportedly autistic. He should not respond to speeches.

The boy has been missing since Monday evening. Since then, hundreds of emergency services and helpers have been searching the area around the residential area. Due to the low temperatures and Arian’s comparatively light clothing – he was wearing a sweater but no jacket – the police described the situation as very serious.

On Wednesday, the police announced that the boy was filmed by a private surveillance camera in his residential area on Monday around 7:15 p.m. “The recordings confirmed all of the family’s statements,” said the police spokesman. Accordingly, Arian was walking alone through the residential area where he lives. According to the police, this confirms the assumption that the boy disappeared from his home alone.

Meanwhile, new details about the surveillance camera recordings became known: It could be seen that Arian was carrying a stick with him, which he waved around and played with on the street. Then he walked very quickly towards the forest, almost running, said the police spokesman when asked. From the neighborhood where the six-year-old lives, a small dirt road leads past a rapeseed field to a wooded area. The police thought it was possible that the six-year-old went there.

During the search, helpers used drones, a helicopter and a Tornado plane that took aerial photos with a thermal imaging camera. Police divers searched the Oste River near the home on Wednesday. Police officers traveled the river with a so-called sonar boat.

The police have set up a tip line and released pictures of Arian. More information about this here

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