KYIV, Ukraine — Boris, you’re not losing your popularity in Ukraine.

Boris Johnson, the U.K. Prime Minster, may have been dismissed in Britain but he is still a political juggernaut for Ukraine. He is widely respected for his unwavering support of the country’s efforts to defeat the Russian invasion.

Shortly after Johnson’s resignation, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, stated that “we all heard this news in sadness.” “Not just me, but the whole Ukrainian society, which has been very supportive to you.

Johnson’s popularity is not without reason.

Johnson defended himself against police investigations, scandals, and political attacks. He also deflected criticism from home by positioning him as the leader in the international effort to aid Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Johnson has pledged $2.8 billion ($2.3 billion) in military aid to Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 24th. Johnson has also sent economic support to Ukraine, guaranteeing loans from the World Bank in millions.

Ukrainians have seen the disgraceful leader of the United Kingdom twice in the past few months.

Johnson visited Ukraine in April to show grit, while walking alongside Zelenskyy along the streets of Kyiv’s capital.

Johnson made a second visit to Washington in June and spoke with soldiers. Johnson’s “aw shucks” brand of affability has been a hallmark of his popularity in Britain.

He said, “Dobryyden everybody”, awkwardly mixing his Ukrainian greeting with English. Boris Johnson, London. I want to let you know that we are here for you. Slava Ukraini (Glory To Ukraine )!”

Johnson’s stance was also popular in the home where even people who despise Johnson supported him for Ukraine.

Johnson and his Cabinet ministers wore cross-colored British and Ukrainian flags on their lapels. U.K. government social networking accounts also feature a banner declaring that “The U.K. Stands with Ukraine” as a symbol for solidarity.

All of this was well-known by the Ukrainian people, who were concerned when Johnson’s political death was reported.

Other world leaders have also visited, including Ursula von der Leyen (head of the EU executive arm), Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, and Emmanuel Macron, French President. They came after Johnson.

Dmytro Dimitryi, a Kyiv resident, said that the man was cool. “He is an unconventional man, who doesn’t fit in with the accepted norms.”

Johnson’s legacy will continue in Ukraine in simple ways.

The “Boris Johnsonyuk” is a Kyiv’s Zavertailo’s Cafe treat that honors the British leader.

This cake is inspired by English apple pie, Johnson’s mop and blond hair. It consists of vanilla custard and meringue, along with vanilla ice cream.

It almost always sells.


Kirka reported from London.


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