Two days after the discovery in Bordeaux-Lac of the body and remains of a 32-year-old male, two suspects were brought before the Bordeaux courthouse. The prosecution requested that the defendants be placed in pre-trial custody and opened a judicial inquiry for intentional homicide.

Two Sudanese, aged 28 and 29, were living in the camp, which consisted of just a few tents. It was located in the middle of a forest, next to the avenue of Free French. Witnesses would have identified them and they were swiftly arrested. They were placed in custody by the police in charge of the investigation. They refused to deny any violence being committed against the victim, an Eritrean man aged 32 who used the camp as a guest. The fights were evident in the 30-year-old. It is possible to see the brawl taking place against a backdrop of excessive alcoholism.

The evening ended with the presentations to the investigating judge as well as the judge of freedoms, detention.