The oven stays off, the kitchen is cold and the desire for a delicious piece of cake is still satisfied: The refrigerator cake not only saves sweat, but also electricity. The cake is also sophisticated – a loose base made of biscuits or sponge cake together with a deliciously fresh cream. The ensemble is rounded off with fresh fruits of your choice. Voilà, after a short time in the fridge the cake is ready and will not only impress your guests.

Because refrigerator cakes contain neither flour nor eggs, they are suitable as a light dessert and a refreshing change from classic ice cream. Feasting is twice as much fun. First of all: refrigerator cakes are made to be varied. So: let your creativity run wild.

In addition to the classic version with ladyfingers or butter biscuits, the crispy base can be made with the biscuits of your choice. Whether American cookies, chocolate biscuits or biscotti – almost any pastry cuts a fine figure as a base.

The star of the refrigerator cake is definitely the cream, which gives it its refreshing taste. Instead of cream cheese, quark, yoghurt, mascarpone, ricotta, cream, cooked rice pudding or even pudding are suitable as a light and airy filling. A splash of lemon juice adds freshness, then the cake is given a little rest in the fridge.

The best thing for last: There are virtually no limits to the choice of toppings. Fresh fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries or peaches are ideal as a topping, especially in summer. But chocolate shavings, jam or sprinkles also make the refrigerator cake an absolute eye-catcher.

For the ground

For the cream

Watch in the video: Once you try this strawberry tiramisu, you’ll look forward to it every year during strawberry season. Depending on your taste and season, the recipe can also be prepared with fresh raspberries or blackberries.