Michel Laurio, the mayor, wanted to pay tribute to Daniel Lassalle, his deputy, during Saturday’s meal for the mothers. “I wanted to pay tribute to Daniel for his 37-year tenure as an elected municipal official and 27 years as a deputy, as part of this convivial dinner. The letter from the prefect is dated July 14, 2020. This ceremony was postponed due to the health crisis. Michel Laurio rejoiced, before Michel Habib, the guest, took the podium.

The MP didn’t leave empty-handed as he presented Daniel Lassalle the Gold Medal for the National Assembly. He was very touched by all the attentions. The recipient smiled and thanked the mayor, deputy and entire City Council.

“When I arrived at Besingrand in 1976 there were only twelve houses. Daniel Lassalle commented, “I saw the development of the village,” his first term as an advisor to Rene Lacabe began in March 1983. From 1989 to 2008, the second and third terms were spent with Georges Ferrou. Michel Laurio was also in that period.