While fleeing from a group of children after racist insults, an eleven-year-old boy was hit by a car in Berlin and seriously injured. A police spokeswoman said on Wednesday that he was sitting on a bus in the Kreuzberg district on Tuesday afternoon and was racially insulted and punched by a group of five to six people.

When the doors of the bus opened at a stop, the eleven-year-old with Eritrean nationality fled from the vehicle and ran onto the road in front of the bus. There he was hit by a 35-year-old’s car who was unable to brake in time. The boy suffered head injuries as a result of the impact and fall.

He was taken to a hospital for inpatient treatment. While recording the accident, witnesses drew the officers’ attention to an eight-year-old who was part of the group of children on the bus. The child was questioned and then handed over to his mother. The investigation into the other group members was ongoing.