Our skin suffers more in winter than in almost any other season. The constant change between cold minus degrees and warm heating air causes the skin barrier to falter. Proper care is then all the more important to prevent skin problems and to combat and avoid irritation. However, many products contain ingredients that are anything but good for our skin: fragrances.

They are one of the most common causes of contact allergies. People with sensitive skin are particularly prone to reactions such as rashes, itching or redness. It does not matter whether the fragrances are synthetic or natural.

When buying new care products, make sure that they are fragrance-free. Even if these are marked as such, it is advisable to take an additional look at the ingredients. The terms perfume, fragrance, aroma or flavor should not appear in it.

According to experts, lip care products with fragrances are also not recommended. However, our lips need a lot of care in winter, as they dry out and sometimes crack. If you then put on a lip balm with a delicious scent, you often feel an even stronger burn than before. No wonder, because the lips can dry out even faster due to the fragrances.

Lip balms with phenol, menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint oil are also no help for chapped lips. They tend to increase the irritation. Instead, use pure Vaseline, but don’t apply too much of the greasy ointment. Incidentally, this also helps with dry skin or cracked hand surfaces and is usually available in drugstores.