Translated, the name Soap Brows simply means “soap brews” – and is actually self-explanatory. To shape the eyebrows, fix them with an ordinary eyebrow brush and some soap. In contrast to other styling products, this technique is said to have several advantages: easy handling and improved hold. In addition, your eyebrows appear thicker and more natural. Read here how to use the soap correctly and which products are suitable for soap brows.

For real soap brows, there is a waterproof eyebrow soap that (according to the manufacturer) leaves no residue on the hairs. Most products come with a brush that is used for application and styling. Alternatively, you can also use a commercially available soap to shape your eyebrows: It is best to use curd soap or solid glycerin soap – it is transparent, skin-neutral (without colorants and fragrances) and therefore leaves no colored residue. Liquid soap, on the other hand, is unfortunately not suitable because it sticks the hairs together.

Another note: On hot days or during sporting activities, it can happen that the glycerin soap runs through the body’s own sweat because it is not (like special eyebrow soap) waterproof.

The application is simple, but has some pitfalls. To turn your eyebrows into real soap brows, all you have to do is follow these three steps:

And one more important tip at the end: Always make sure that the accessories are clean. Wash the eyebrow brush thoroughly after each use so that no soap residue sticks to it. Then let the brush dry horizontally.

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