The accused, who fled from the Coburg district court, was caught by the police. A patrol arrested the man on Tuesday in Grub am Forst (Coburg district) without resistance, according to a police spokesman. A check of the man’s identity revealed that he was undoubtedly the person being sought. A witness saw the man in Grub am Forst and called the police.

The 47-year-old fled the Coburg district court on Monday during a break in negotiations. He was on trial on suspicion of the sexual abuse of his two daughters and was therefore in custody. According to the police, the man ran downstairs from the upper floor of the courthouse, broke open a window of a witness lounge and escaped. The police searched with a large contingent for the man.

It is the second case in a few weeks in which a defendant escaped from a court in Bavaria. A convicted murderer also fled in Regensburg in January through an insufficiently secured window on the ground floor of the building. Only days later, French police forces were able to apprehend him 110 kilometers north of Strasbourg.