Two people died in a pile-up involving around 40 vehicles on the motorway near Würzburg. The Bavarian Red Cross said 31 people were injured in the afternoon accidents in heavy rain, four of them seriously. There were a total of three accidents in a row. A police spokeswoman said that Autobahn 3 in the direction of Nuremberg was completely closed.

According to the spokeswoman, a rear-end collision initially occurred around 4 p.m. in which several vehicles were involved. Immediately afterwards, the first subsequent accident occurred about 100 meters away in a backlog. Three vehicles caught fire. About half an hour later there was another accident in a traffic jam, in which several vehicles were again involved. A large number of police, fire brigade and rescue workers are on site.

The Bavarian Red Cross announced that a large contingent of rescue workers was on duty. Three rescue helicopters have now landed on the highway. Around 30 uninjured people involved in the accident are also being looked after by aid organizations. A care center has been set up for the emergency services for after-deployment care.