The Government used the first control session in the new period to speak out for Castilla y Leon. Socialists broke their tradition of not questioning ministers of their Executive, which is a reserved role for the opposition. They have created up to four “vase” questions to brag about their management of this community. This maneuver will be denounced by the PP before the Congress Table.

The popular ones file a complaint against Meritxell batet, the president of Lower House, regarding the electoral use of Wednesday’s session. “What happened was embarrassing. “The Government and the PSOE tried to make the session an electoral rally, aware of the bump at the polls. They denounced from the conservative ranks. They claim that the Government is being asked questions about the deployment of measures in their ministries.

Yesterday, Ciudadanos had already accused the Government that it was trying to create a “pantomime in Congress”. This Wednesday, however, Ciudadanos also condemned what it called a “grotesque”. “After years of not doing so, the PSOE activates their deputies and converts control session at a rally to elections that in turn called PP to reduce Castilla y Leon into a supposed electoral rung. Edmundo Bal, the deputy spokesperson for the Liberals, posted the following tweet: “Embarrassing”.

Jose Luis Aceves (socialist deputy for Segovia), was the first to light a match. He had to fend off constant interruptions from the opposition caucus and barely had enough time to answer his question. Meritxell batet, the Chamber president, was forced to intervene due to interruptions. Aceves specifically asked Vice President Teresa Ribera about the measures he sees for reducing depopulation in this region.

Manuel Arribas (PSOE deputy for Avila) has interrogated Jose Luis Escriva (Minister of Social Inclusion), about the effects of the increase in community pensions. Maria Luz Martinez Seijo, Palencia, has asked Pilar Alegria to explain the investments of Castilla y Leon’s Ministry of Education. David Serrada, Salamanca, has also questioned the head of Presidency about investments made in the region by European funds. Felix Bolanos said, “You are, gentlemen, a burden on Castilla y Leon.”

Vox and the PP have used the control session to request that the Government account for certain issues that marked the election campaign, even though Pablo Casado or Pedro Sanchez were not present. The popular deputy for Soria Tomas Cabezon challenged the head of Demographic Challenge, vice president, to explain the aid and investments approved by her ministry for municipalities that have less than 5,000 residents. She stated, “You fly in Falcon over official Spain and we work for the real Spain you mistreat.”

Vox has primarily focused its efforts in rural Spain and the country. Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros was his spokesperson and he asked the first vice president why the government’s economic policies ignore the needs of rural Spain. Nadia Calvino replied, “The Government is committed towards promoting rural Spain. It is not being promoted in giving it this tone de victimization and abandonment which does not correspond with our agenda.”

Macarena Olona (Vox deputy spokeswoman) brought up the negative effects that terminating temporary contracts can have on the agricultural sector. She also accused Yolanda Diaz, second vice president, of sending thousands to unemployment. She reproached him, saying that he was only ever close to the field when he went to the supermarket or to golf. He still believes that lettuce grows in bags.

The Labor head has stated that the law that will be filed in Congress tomorrow aims to end “anomalies” in labor relations in the field, and expressed support for it by the Executive. Santiago Abascal was also reminded by her that they are not the party in the field, even though they may dress in it. She stressed that if it were up to her, today’s field would be a place where fair prices are not possible.