After a little more than two weeks of international break, the Veolia Towers Hamburg want to confirm their upward trend in the basketball Bundesliga against Brose Bamberg. In order to move further away from the relegation zone with a win against the playoff candidate in the Inselparkhalle on Friday (7 p.m.), his team must understand how they recently won against Bayreuth and Bayern, emphasized head coach Benka Barloschky: “The achievement against Bayern was to stop their run, that we could react and brought it home.”

In addition, the coach is hoping for a positive effect from the fact that he has been able to complete several units in a row with the team for the first time since taking over the team. “We used that to solidify details that we discussed before. Starting again from small and showing how we want to attack and defend and then gradually build more and more on top of that.”

The 35-year-old is apparently not concerned that his team could be thrown off balance again despite the absence of James Woodard (knee injury) and the departure of playmaker Kendale McCullum. “The energy with which the players returned to the first sessions was different. Because of course you get tired both physically and mentally at some point,” he said. “The few days that we weren’t in the hall and didn’t think about basketball were good.”

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