The Hamburg Senate honored ballet director and honorary citizen John Neumeier with a Senate reception on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Hamburg Ballet. The Senate press office announced that 200 former members of the company were among the invited guests on Saturday evening in the town hall. The focus of the Senate reception were three ballet contributions, which were shown on a specially constructed stage in the main ballroom. In the film collage “Highlights of 50 Moving Years” by Kiran West, the success story of the Hamburg Ballet under John Neumeier came to life.

“John Neumeier wrote ballet history from Hamburg. With his productions, he arouses enthusiasm for dance and movement, in Hamburg and worldwide,” said Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD). John Neumeier said: “The Senate invitation to Hamburg City Hall honors the hundreds of dancers who have given our company an unmistakable face over five decades. Each and every one of them has contributed with their personality to what the Hamburg Ballet is today. “

Born in America, he took over the management of the Hamburg Ballet in 1973, making him the longest-serving ballet director in the world. In 1978, John Neumeier founded the ballet school of the Hamburg Ballet, and in 2011 the National Youth Ballet. The repertoire of the Hamburg Ballet includes all 172 choreographies by John Neumeier. His company has already performed in 30 countries on five continents. The 48th Anniversary Ballet Days, which last four weeks this year, begin in Hamburg on Sunday.

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