In a joint press release, the most important business associations in Playa de Palma, the region of Mallorca that is particularly popular with German holidaymakers, have urged stricter procedures against so-called “drinking vacationers”. The situation on Playa de Palma is now “alarming” and “unsustainable”, they emphasize unanimously. “That’s enough,” is her urgent message to the authorities.

The hoteliers’ association AHPP, the gastronomy association CAEB and the nightclub association ABONE are all concerned: the persistent bad behavior of many tourists is having an increasingly negative effect on the image of Playa de Palma. They call on the authorities responsible for the “Ballermann” to introduce rigorous measures – comparable to those implemented in the Dutch capital Amsterdam. Among other things, the imposed fine should be paid directly on the spot, according to their demand.

The entrepreneurs point out that the situation could get worse in the future if the “drinking vacationers” are not stopped in a timely manner. They warn that “not only the present, but also the future of this important tourism area” is threatened if measures such as a stronger police presence and more intensive controls are not taken quickly.