A notorious restaurant in Mykonos, DK Oyster, has reopened for the summer season, and customers are already expressing their outrage over the exorbitant prices they were charged. Located in Platys Gialos, Mykonos, this beach bar has gained a reputation for its sky-high prices that leave customers feeling ripped off.

Numerous negative reviews on TripAdvisor have highlighted the shocking prices at DK Oyster. Customers have reported being charged £40 for a single drink and £7 for a side of ketchup. One reviewer even mentioned being charged £186 for two beers, three juices, and a service cost of £33. These prices have led many holidaymakers to vow never to return to the restaurant.

One tourist described feeling pressured by the waiters to order quickly without checking the prices on the menu. The inflated prices, combined with subpar food quality, have left customers feeling scammed and disappointed. Another visitor shared their experience of being charged £450 for two cocktails and subpar seafood, despite not being informed of the prices beforehand.

Despite the backlash and accusations of overcharging, the manager of DK Oyster Bar, Dimitrios Kalamaras, has defended the high prices. He insists that the value of the experience, cuisine, and concept offered at the restaurant justifies the steep costs. However, many customers feel that the prices are unjustified and misleading.

While it is not illegal to charge high prices for goods and services, EU regulations require that customers be clearly informed about the total price, including all additional charges. Failure to disclose prices upfront or issue receipts can result in fines for companies engaging in unfair commercial practices. Tourists in Greece are encouraged to demand receipts and report any misleading or aggressive marketing tactics by businesses.

In conclusion, DK Oyster Bar’s reputation for overcharging customers has once again sparked outrage among holidaymakers in Mykonos. The ongoing issue highlights the importance of transparency in pricing and the need for customers to be informed of all costs before making a purchase. As the summer season continues, tourists are advised to be cautious when dining out and to report any instances of unfair pricing practices.