Autumn time is pumpkin time. Hardly anything symbolizes the golden season better than deep orange vegetables. Versatile as it is, it not only tastes great as a soup, but can also be used in a wide variety of dishes. Thanks to its buttery consistency, it makes any dish – from risotto to stew to pasta – wonderfully creamy, full-bodied and aromatic.

So it’s high time for a pumpkin recipe. A creamy one-pot pasta with pumpkin, feta and spinach not only sounds tempting, but is also prepared in no time. All the ingredients are gradually put into a pot and cooked together with the remaining ingredients. In the end all you have to do is taste and enjoy. By cooking the pasta in the sauce, it takes on a particularly intense aroma.

Depending on the variety, the pumpkin gives the dish a nutty, sweet or fruity note that harmonizes wonderfully with the fine, mild spinach and sour, fresh feta. Finally, gourmets garnish the pasta with chopped walnuts – an autumnal taste spectacle that makes you want to get ready for the cold season.

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