Atletico replaced Thibaut Courtois’s plaque from the Paseo de las Leyendas, Wanda Metropolitano. This was just hours after Thibaut’s plaque had been torn off the Wanda Metropolitano’s Paseo de las Leyendas. Koke, the rojiblanco captain also criticised the metal plate. He shared a room during Thibaut’s time with the mattress team with the Belgian goalkeeper. Enrique Cerezo (the president of Atletico), encouraged Courtois’ plaque be torn from the Paseo de las Leyendas in the Wanda Metropolitano. The rojiblanco club installed it back in its stadium where it can shine again with all the other footballers who played at least 100 games with Atletico.

Atletico’s supporters do not forget Courtois’s words at Real Madrid’s Champions League final against Liverpool on the eve: “Now, I am on the positive side of history” and Courtois’s controversial statements. They were answered in the rojiblanco locker rooms. Courtois was wrong because you need to remember your roots. Koke admitted this Tuesday. “They listened …”, to the Madrid midfielder in Movistar, with a smile.

One day before the plaque was removed by Atletico fans, Jose Luis Martinez Almeyda, the mayor, spoke out against Courtois. He said, “With love,” that he had a contempt for Atletico. Courtois lost the Champions League final in Lisbon with the white team. Almeyda launched Courtois in Madrid City Hall.