The United States suffers from a lack of supplies in certain matters. There is one that, pandemic or not, always has plenty: weapons. At least ten people were killed this Saturday when a gunman, an alleged 18-year-old white supremacist, opened fire in a supermarket in Buffalo, in the state of New York. Local police reported that the alleged perpetrator was arrested.

“Everything indicates that he came with a mission. He entered and began to shoot, without saying anything. People ran and screamed desperately,” said one of the witnesses. The investigators pointed out that the shooting broadcast his misdeed live streaming and recognized that the investigation was oriented towards a case of racial hatred. The neighborhood in which this establishment is located, called Tops, is basically an African-American population

Grady Lewis was about to enter the store when he heard the shots. He then looked inside and saw that there was a guy who was shooting with a semi-automatic rifle, initially an AR-15. “Then I saw he was going to come out and he was coming for me. I started screaming, scared, but he came out, he left the gun, he took off his vest and he knelt down for the police to stop him,” Lewis said.

A video that circulated on the networks offered the image of a young man, dressed in military style, handcuffed and put in the police car. All around, on the pavement, bodies could be seen lying on the ground. The action took place this Saturday in the early afternoon, a day and a time when many families do their shopping.

Messages circulated on different Internet sites that the author is a white supremacist who circulated messages in which he assured that he was motivated by “the white replacement theory.”

This conspiracy is that the Democrats are bringing in black or Hispanic people to vote for them and thus undermine white power. Tuckker Carlson, the main ideologue of the extreme right and top star of Fox, is one of the main disseminators of this theory from his privileged pulpit and to which former President Donald Trump has given fuel among his bases.