Police in the US city of Tulsa, in the state of Oklahoma, reported late Wednesday that they had shot down a suspect in a new shooting near Saint Francis Hospital.

As reported by Reuters, the Police have reported three fatalities in addition to the suspect, who has been killed by the agents.

“A suspect has been killed. I don’t know at this time if we shot him or he shot himself,” explained Sergeant Richard Meulenberg as reported by the US network CNN.

Darin Glodo, of the Tulsa Police Department, told the same network: “We have injuries,” without providing further details on the number of people injured.

Likewise, Glodo has indicated that the shooting took place in the ‘Natalie Medical Building’, a medical office building of the Saint Francis hospital.

This new event occurs after a shooting that left at least 21 people dead on May 24, 19 of them children and two adults, at the Robb elementary school in the city of Uvalde, in the state of Texas, in the south of USA.