A 58-year-old woman, with a record, as the alleged perpetrator of a robbery with violence committed in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) when she attacked an octogenarian to rob him. Both were at the victim’s home, who had met the woman hours before and invited her to dinner.

The events took place around one in the morning on Tuesday, May 17, when a call was received at 091 indicating that there was an elderly man on public roads, covered in blood, requesting help. Immediately, a patrol came to the place to help him.

The police have informed that when presenting several head injuries, he needed to be transferred by ambulance to the hospital.

According to the victim, he was at his home together with the woman he had met hours before and invited him to dinner. Once at her home, she adopted an aggressive attitude, began to ask him to give her money, the bank card and the PIN number, even threatening to kill him.

Refusing to comply with her demands, she hit him hard on the head with a ceramic fruit bowl, causing several injuries.

Later, he took 25 euros from him and tried to force him to take some pills. Finally, taking advantage of the fact that she was in another room, he left her home without her noticing her, to ask for help.

The aggressor, who was still in the victim’s home, was immediately arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a robbery with violence, for which she will have to answer to the judicial authority.