Schleswig-Holstein mourns two people. A 17-year-old and a 19-year-old were killed in a knife attack on a regional train from Kiel to Hamburg on Wednesday. Five other people were injured, some critically. A 33-year-old was arrested by the police on the platform of Brokstedt station (Steinburg district). A day after the crime, a magistrate ordered the man into custody. The accusation is two counts of malicious murder and four counts of attempted manslaughter. The motive is still unclear. According to the public prosecutor, there is no evidence of a terrorist background.

The act in the regional express wrote other stories in addition to the grief. Those of the heroism of several passengers, for example, who opposed the attacker with everything they could grab and thus perhaps prevented even worse.

As always after such acts, however, the eyes are also and above all on the perpetrator. How could it come to this? Could the attack, could the dead have been prevented? There are usually no easy answers. In the case of Brokstedt, however, there were at least clear warning signals that were not overlooked, but where state institutions reached their limits.

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