Agents of the National Police, in coordination with the Local Police of Burjassot, have arrested a 38-year-old man in this Valencian town as the alleged perpetrator of seven crimes of robbery inside taxis and a robbery with force in an establishment, as reported by the Leadership.

The suspect was located after the robbery in the establishment and both the cash register and the stolen money were recovered. The investigations began in early May, when the agents detected several robberies inside taxis in the town of Burjassot.

During the investigations, in mid-May a patrol identified a man in the town of Paterna with cuts on his arms and blood at dawn, while in Burjassot they discovered another vehicle with broken window glass and traces of blood.

The agents located a witness to the theft inside the vehicle, who, alerted by the breaking of the glass, observed a man searching the interior, and provided a description of the suspect.

Finally, on the morning of June 10, there was a robbery inside a Burjassot establishment, which was attended by a National Police patrol and a Local Police patrol, who after viewing the local cameras, located the perpetrator and recovered both the cash register and the stolen money, 133 euros. Three hammers, a parrot pick and a Stillson key were also involved. The arrested person, with numerous police records, has been taken to court.