Areas to Avoid in Fort Smith During Flash Flood Warning

FORT SMITH, Ark. — As a Flash Flood Warning looms over Crawford, Sebastian, LeFlore, and Sequoyah counties until 5:15 p.m., authorities in Fort Smith are urging residents to exercise caution and avoid certain areas that are prone to flooding.

The Fort Smith police have issued a statement advising against driving through specific locations, especially in the presence of barricades, during severe weather conditions. According to police reports, there is a notable increase in emergency calls in the following areas when heavy flooding occurs:

**Current flooding reports:**
– Wheeler Avenue from South E Street to South Y Street
– Towson Avenue / Louisville Street
– Rogers Avenue / Waldron Road
– Midland Boulevard / North 32 Street
– South 10 Street / South B Street

**Common flood spots:**
– Highway 271 / Texas Road
– Highway 71 / Riley Park Drive
– Broken Hill / Willow Brooke
– South 16th / Rogers Ave
– Highway 271 / Hillside
– North D and North 10th
– North G and North 9th
– Jenny Lind / Knoxville
– North H / North 10th
– South 91st / Houston
– North 16th / North H
– North 16th / Grand Ave
– North 10th / North B
– North 9th / North E
– North O / North Greenwood Ave
– South 25th / Dodson
– Towson / South O
– Towson / Phoenix Ave
– All northbound lanes on Towson between Phoenix and Fresno
– Country Club / Old Greenwood
– Highway 45 between Planters and Burrough
– North 8th / Kelley Highway
– Cavanaugh / 28th
– Highway 45 / Savannah
– N 7 to N 8 from N E to N K
– Towson / M
– 4001 Newlon
– 2301 Towson NB outside lane
– 66th / Kinkead

Authorities emphasize the importance of staying vigilant as flooding remains a potential risk in various areas during severe weather events. For the latest updates on the situation, stay tuned to 5NEWS.

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