He’s back: David Lamourous (47), was re-elected as president of Gironde fisheries commission on Tuesday night in Gujan-Mestras. He was the only candidate and therefore he filled the votes on the CGT/FNSM-SNMPA lists. He was vice-president at the Departmental Committee for Maritime Fisheries and Marine Farming and was elected for his first time in 2017. Jean-Michel Labrousse died in March 2017, after a long battle.

Delia Bernardi is the vice-president for the Arcachon basin, and Tony Garaud is the vice-president for the Gironde estuary.

David Lamourous owns “La Paix du Ciel II”, which is a gillnetter less than 12 meters that is registered in Arcachon. As chairman of the committee, he has many difficult issues to address. After struggling to reduce sole quotas, which were determined by the European Union and ratified in principle by the government, lean files darken the horizon with potential threats that could see the catch grow dramatically.

David Lamourous wants to reduce the size of the Arcachon basin clam-catching net.