Will fortune finally smile on him home? Monegasque Charles Leclerc, Ferrari (Monegasque Charles Leclerc) will attempt to win Sunday’s Monaco GP to take over the Formula 1 championship. This is a round he has not finished in the top class.

Scuderia driver and king of the general classification, the Scuderia driver, was surprised to be unable to finish the race in Spain last weekend due to a mechanical issue. He was forced to retire and lost the championship lead to Max Verstappen, who is currently the defending champion.

Is @Charles_Leclerc cursed by the regional stage?

Leclerc was not dismantled. He quickly reacted to his disappointment, recalling that “the year is still long” and that “we know we have the potential.” The potential Leclerc, a 24-year-old driver, will again show this weekend during the 7th round. He will still need to complete the 78 laps on the streets he is familiar with. He whispered in Spanish, “I hope that I can finish this Grand Prix at Home.”

“Finally”, because since 2017, the Monegasque had to abandon his efforts due to technical difficulties or clashes. In Formula 2, 2017, the antechamber for the elite, and in F1 2018, with the Sauber team, then in 2019, for the first season with Ferrari. Leclerc qualified in pole position last year, but the 2020 edition was cancelled due to pandemic. His Ferrari had to be brought back to the pits because of a technical issue.

As evidenced by the standings of the world championship, the season has seen clashes between the front-runners. Verstappen leads Leclerc by six point among drivers. Red Bull, on the other hand, has a slight advantage (26 points) over Ferrari due to its double podium in Spain.

Mercedes was third behind the top teams and had difficulty starting the season due to the new technical regulations. However, Mercedes seems to have found its feet in Spain, having made significant improvements to its single-seaters. Christian Horner, Red Bull boss, said that it was only a matter time before they join the battle.

“It’s my job to try different settings to gather as much information as possible. The team needs it in order to come back.” Despite a difficult start to the season @LewisHamilton believes there are better days ahead

Mercedes almost lost seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton at Monaco GP due to his jewelry. Although the 2005 ban on single-seaters being equipped with jewelry was introduced as a safety measure it was not applied to drivers until Niels Wittich, the new race director at the International Automobile Federation (FIA), tightened the screws.

The British driver was granted an exemption to the Monaco GP at the start of May to comply with regulations. This exemption has been extended by the FIA until the end June to allow for the continuation of negotiations. Hamilton, who claims he cannot remove some of his jewelery, such as his nose ring and nose ring from his car, will be facing the settlement at “his” GP in Silverstone, Britain, in early July.

This year, the Principality will host the race over three consecutive days like the rest of the calendar and not over four days, as is the tradition.

The Monaco GP was held during the Ascension weekend in 1950. Thursday was a public holiday so the single-seaters were run on this day. Friday’s break was followed by qualifying on Saturday and Sunday.

@Charles_Leclerc’s quick reaction was that he had the best time during the session!

Even though the GP was not held at Ascension every time, this singularity has been maintained. Monaco hopes to regain its old fervor this weekend after being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw the GP cancelled in 2020 and reduced in number the year following.

For a home star win? Leclerc is the third driver to represent the Principality of F1 in history. He hopes to imitate Louis Chiron who was the only Monegasque ever to win on the Rock. It happened in 1931, well before the creation of the World Championship.