The Catalan Government, chaired by Pere Aragonès and formed by ERC and Junts, considers that in its first year in office it has fulfilled 33.88% of the promises agreed in the government plan. A percentage that for the ‘president’, who has been optimistic about the future, is “satisfactory”. Compliance with the sentence of 25% of Spanish in the classrooms and the dialogue table with the Government are two of the pending issues on the Government’s work table.

Aragonès, accompanied by the Vice President of the Generalitat and leader of Junts in the Government, Jordi Puigneró, has made a brief assessment to the press of the first year of coalition government, marked by the end of the Covid-19 pandemic and the beginning of the war in Ukraine, which is still going on.

However, the news has marked the intervention of the ‘president’ before the media, after the celebration of the weekly meeting of the Government.

Thus, the president of the Generalitat has once again criticized the judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) which orders that at least one core subject be taught in Spanish throughout the educational system. A decision that for Aragonès is loaded with “ideological approaches” and whose answer will come, in his opinion, through a parliamentary norm, which is being finalized by PSC, ERC, Junts and the commons, and a decree-law of the Government, with the aim of circumvent the order of the TSJC.

On the other hand, on the dialogue table with the Government of Pedro Sánchez, the ‘president’ has insisted that it is the Executive who has to move “to regain confidence after espionage” and that it must go in the direction of greater ” transparency”, assumption of “responsibilities” and “guarantees of non-repetition”. Three essential aspects for the dialogue to move forward. “We are not looking for a photograph, we are looking for content, measurements,” he reiterated.

In relation to the question of confidence to which the regional president should submit to comply with the investiture pact with the CUP, Aragonès has made it clear that this will not happen, since, in his opinion, the pact with the CUP was broken when the anti-system did not vote in favor of the 2022 regional accounts, which ERC and Junts ended up agreeing with the commons. “It is not necessary to provide a dose of instability,” he added.

The Catalan Government has evaluated the 782 measures and the 702 sub-measures contained in the government plan, assigning it a status of execution: ‘not started’, which grants 0%; ‘planning and preliminary tasks’ (10%); ‘execution start’ (25%); ‘execution in full swing’ (40-60%); ‘advanced execution’ (80%), and ‘finished’ (100%). According to these scores, the Government ensures that compliance is 33.88%.