The Nannen Prize will remain the STERN Prize in 2023. Promising pieces can now be submitted for the new competition round. The key data:

ยท Submit by January 6, 2023 at

One prize for all journalists and for all media types (print, TV, radio, web, photography or for cross-media work)

The whole diversity of journalism: Under this motto, STERN once again honors outstanding journalistic achievements of all kinds and is now calling for submissions. In this competition round, too, the Nannen Prize will be awarded as the STERN Prize. STERN Editor-in-Chief Gregor Peter Schmitz says: “The Nannen Prize became the STERN Prize shortly before it was awarded in the summer of 2022 – and as such we are continuing the award for the time being. The Institute for Contemporary History in Munich is researching the early years of STERN after it was founded by Henri Nannen. Whether the results of the research work will also have an impact on the name of the prize cannot be estimated at this time.”

The submission phase for the STERN Prize 2023 starts on November 21st. Until January 6, 2023, journalistic contributions from print, TV, radio or the web, photographic or cross-media works can be submitted at The STERN Prize is awarded in the categories “Local”, “Investigation”, Egon Erwin Kisch Prize (written report) and “Story of the Year”. With the “Photo Story of the Year” there is another photography prize this year. The editor-in-chief of STERN also awards the special “Republic” prize.

Christoph Kucklick, spokesman for the STERN Prize: “Even with the provisional new name, the proven, high quality of the award remains. The independent juries, who select the best works of the year with great conscientiousness, are responsible for this. We would like to thank the numerous journalists from all media genres , the authors, journalists and photographers, that as members of the jury they dedicate themselves with joy and great commitment to the best that Germany’s journalism has to offer.”