Stale bread – no one wants to eat that anymore. Not true. In this recipe, the spurned leftover pastry becomes a culinary star. Dressed with a spicy dressing and crunchy vegetables, it shines in new splendor. The magic word for this enjoyment: Panzanella, a delicious bread salad from Tuscany, which is traditionally served as an appetizer or side dish for a barbecue and tastes like summer and vacation in Italy.

All you need to prepare the specialty is a pan, high-quality virgin olive oil, Italian herbs and a salad bowl. In Italy, leftover ciabatta, pane sciocco – simple wheat bread – or pane pugliese – a fine wheat sourdough bread are traditionally used as stale bread. But the dish can also be ideally prepared with heartier, dark varieties. Just choose the variety you have on hand – only good things can come from it. The best thing: the finished bread salad is on the table in just 15 minutes. Since panzanella only fully develops its aroma after a while of steeping, it is advisable to prepare the bread salad a few hours before consumption.

Tip: The longer the salad sits, the better it tastes.

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