Are you also one of those people who long for a new Aperol alternative? Then we have good news for you: This year there is a refreshing summer drink that contains similar components to a classic spritz – but is significantly stronger: The Aperol Paloma is made from tequila and orange liqueur as well as grapefruit and lime juice. This makes the delicious drink the trend drink of summer 2023. Find out below how you can imitate the cocktail at home. Cheers!

For an Aperol Paloma you need these ingredients:

Extra tip: You can use fresh citrus fruits (such as oranges, limes, grapefruits or lemons) for garnishing. Alternatively, you can use dried fruit, all you have to do is cut the slices thinly and let them dry in a warm place for at least 24 hours.

And this is how you prepare the Aperol Paloma:

Due to the tequila, the Paloma has significantly more revolutions than an ordinary Aperol Spritz. If the summer drink is too strong for you, you can modify the cocktail a little: Either by adding sparkling water and a little more grapefruit juice – or you simply reduce the amount of alcohol (i.e. less tequila, Aperol and orange liqueur).

Are you interested in even more alternatives to the Aperol Spritz? Then try one of the following three recipe ideas.


Preparation: Mix all three ingredients in a glass and enjoy the ice-cold cocktail.


Preparation: Pour all the ingredients into a wine glass filled with ice cubes. Stir gently. Garnish the drink with orange and cucumber slices.


Preparation: Fill a large wine glass with ice cubes. Whisk together the Metaxa, vermouth, and lemon juice. Fill the glass with tonic and garnish with basil.

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