A dolphin had a lot of fun accompanying a water police boat on Friday off Rostock-Warnemünde. “Whenever the boat came, the dolphin swam alongside and jumped out of the water,” said a police spokeswoman in the evening. The animal obviously had a great fondness for the boat.

The Rostock police published a photo of the mammal on Twitter in the evening – with the text: “Snapshot of the day: Animal accompaniment on the HanseSail – the inflatable boat of our water protection police was accompanied by a dolphin today.”

The spokeswoman for the water police, Petra Kieckhöfer, reported that the bottlenose dolphin had been in front of Rostock for a while and was always accompanying boats. “Our colleagues have christened the pinball machine.” The animal can also be spotted from the pier if you’re lucky – binoculars are then helpful.

“A few days ago, the dolphin accompanied a former skipper to his final resting place. It was a sea burial where he swam next to the boat. He doesn’t appear on every boat,” said the water police spokeswoman.

In May, a dolphin caused a stir in the Bay of Lübeck in Travemünde. Tourists and locals stood there for days on the bank with large cameras or pulled out cell phones because the animal caused a sensation with its great jumps. A spokesman for the water police reported in Travemünde that the dolphin loves ships and boats. He finds enough food. “There are enough herring.”