With a cigar and sunglasses or simply with his lubricating smile and raised eyebrow, Carlo Ancelotti establishes himself as the total coach. After Real Madrid’s victory against Liverpool, the Italian rises above the ranks of his colleagues, now and then, to become the lord of records. He already owns more Champions than anyone, four, one more than the legendary Liverpool builder, Bob Pasley (1977, 78 and 81), and the other symbol of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane (2016, 17 and 18).

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Actually, Ancelotti is accompanied by the intelligence of his management.

He is not a coach who leaves a tactical mark, a recognizable stamp in theory or such a remarkable legacy in the type of game. He is a tightrope walker who manages locker room egos, a former soccer player who humbly admits that this sport belongs to the players and not the coaches, and a top-level executive who understands company politics.

Ancelotti is not remembered for his game variants, he is not the ‘guardiolismo’ of touch and possession above all things, nor the clone of Simeone who seeks above all a clean sheet, nor does he play rock and roll like Jurgen Klopp in the pressure after losses and quick transitions. Ancelotti arrives at Milan, the club with which he also won the European Cup as a player, and he adapts to the idiosyncrasies of the club. And the same in Munich, Paris, Madrid or London. A chameleon with wisdom so as not to spoil what they give him.

For some reason that enthrones his character, Ancelotti owns records that no other coach in the history of football has achieved. He is the one who has reached the most Champions League finals, five times, more than Miguel Muñoz, Marcelo Lippi and Alex Ferguson, institutions in Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United. Three finals with Milan (2003, 05 and 07) and two with Real Madrid (2014 and 22) praise him as unique.

The former midfielder is also the only coach to have won the league in five different countries, a definition of his character in terms of his ability to adapt to circumstances, countries, clubs, diverse fans… In 2004 he won the Series title With Milan. Italy crossed out. In 2010 he was crowned in the Premier with the championship won by Chelsea. England number two. In the 2013 academic year he established himself in France, otherwise it would have been a failure in the case of PSG and its little competition in the neighboring country. Three. In Germany he also won the league with Bayern Munich (2016). Four. And this year he has rounded off the trip with the Real Madrid title. Five first class pieces.

In this section of statistics and numbers to remember, Ancelotti also stands out in another sector. He is the one who has the most European Cups in his double aspect as a player and as a coach. He got it as a footballer in that revolutionary Milan of Arrigo Sachi (1989 and 1990) and he has done it as a coach (2003, 07, 14 and 22).

At Real Madrid he has been identified as a friendly passenger. He was fired by the club’s management a year after winning the 2014 Champions League against Atlético de Madrid. Florentino Pérez was forced to hire him again last year after Zidane’s second fright. Ancelotti arrived without resentment, without the memory of what happened six years ago. With a clean mind he has won the League and the Champions League.

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On the pitch, Ancelotti was feisty, a mile-consuming midfielder with a good touch. An all-terrain capable of assuming all the functions. As a coach he has shown the virtue of managing locker rooms full of stars without breaking them or causing major conflicts. Perhaps from there a glorious record can be born that not only encompasses Champions, but extends to 22 different titles: 4 Champions League, 2 Club World Cups, 3 European Super Cups, 1 Intertoto, 1 Spanish League, 1 English League , 1 Italian League, 1 French League, 1 German League, 1 King’s Cup, 1 England Cup, 1 Italian Cup, 1 Spanish Super Cup, 1 England Super Cup, 1 Italian Super Cup and 2 German Super Cups .

At the peak of his sport, devoid of the bravado that is almost commonplace around him, Ancelotti says that Real Madrid will be his last adventure in football, because now he wants to enjoy his grandchildren and travel the world with his wife .

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