On April 30, a group made up of 32 dancers between the ages of 8 and 28 won the “Hip Hop International HHI Spain” National Championship and qualified for the World Championship in Arizona (United States), in the “Megacrew” category. The dance group is called “Big Heads” and is part of “La Nave Dance Studio” in Mataró (Maresme), an urban dance school where hip-hop culture prevails.

The piece that has taken them to the first position on the podium of the national championship is very special, since it is not limited only to dance but also aims to stir consciences and reflect on racism and slavery. Among the various initiatives to raise funds that have emerged so far, a Crowdfunding stands out, which is already open to anyone who wants to support the initiative.

To make the dream of winning the World Cup come true, the families and friends of the 32 dancers and the school have organized to raise the necessary funding to be able to move the entire team to Arizona, from August 6 to 13.