An electric scooter was the cause this afternoon of a fire on the Cuesta de la Maruquesa, in the La Victoria neighborhood of Valladolid, with abundant smoke in the area and with the fire near the houses, although at this time the fire is controlled without causing personal injury and only some materials.

As confirmed by the firefighters to Ical in the vicinity of the event, the events occurred after seven in the afternoon when some young people tried to fix an electric scooter, which possibly, for unknown reasons, exploded and caused the fire.

The dryness of the ground caused the fire to advance without the people who were in the place at that time, including the parents of the young people, being able to put out the flames, which remained very close to some houses in the areas, without, Fortunately, they will get to enter the buildings, although a car was damaged.

Several crews from the National and Local Police and firefighters from Valladolid traveled to the site, as well as a helicopter from the Board’s firefighting service, which launched water, and a brif.

The fire is controlled and has been in a scare, since the smoke was visible in several areas of the city.