The Valencia Prosecutor’s Office provisionally requests four years in prison for a continued crime of fraud for a woman accused of cheating on the elderly woman she cared for and keeping up to 15,500 euros corresponding to a lottery prize with which the victim had been graced.

According to the information provided by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, to avoid going out on the street due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 94-year-old victim gave the assistant her bank card and the pin of this, with the intention that the accused would withdraw the money from her salary and the amount necessary to buy food.

The public accusation maintains that the employee, who knew that the victim had won 28,000 euros from a lottery prize shortly before the events, took up to 25,300 euros from the bank between May and November 2020.

Of these, only 9,800 corresponded to his salary and the purchase of food.

The trial for these facts will be held next Thursday at the Provincial Court of Valencia.