Alicante will have a Euronews headquarters to reinforce the projection and audiovisual development of the City of Light, with the intention of promoting tourism and economic activity in the city. The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has announced an initial agreement for which he is currently negotiating in Lisbon (Portugal) with the CEO of Alpac Capital (investment fund, main shareholder of Euronews), Pedro Vargas.

The contacts are advancing at a good pace, so it is expected that there will be a final decision before the summer, according to sources from the Generalitat Valenciana on Tuesday.

Work is under way to establish a content writing and production office that would make it possible to strengthen the Spanish edition of this international communication medium, as well as the production of new digital content, and also to set up a Euronews Academy headquarters, which would allow carrying out training actions aimed at both students from universities in the Valencian Community and the rest of the EU.

Work is also being done on the final location in Alicante for Euronews, which, in any case, will include the Digital District, within the City of Light project.

The head of the Consell has recalled that, as of July 1, it will be possible to carry out activity in the City of Light, once the sanction imposed by the EU has been lifted, and has pointed out that Euronews constitutes a fundamental element for this new stage of the Alicante facilities.

The Generalitat has budgeted three million euros in 2022 for the Alicante location of Euronews, which covers world news from a European perspective, with global distribution in more than 150 countries.

In this regard, Puig trusts that the importance of this future Alicante headquarters of Euronews contributes to “providing informative visibility to the Valencian Community and that this allows it to defend its tourist and economic position.”

The talks cover both a strategic association agreement and a protocol of intent that articulates the collaboration in the medium and long term, and also the realization of financing. On May 31, there will be a meeting between representatives of the Generalitat and Euronews to address precisely issues related to this last aspect.