How many Spanish women aspire to earn a living as influencers or content creators on the networks? The list is endless and Alicante-born Aishawari (Isa G.) is probably a role model for all of them because she found her niche in the market about fifteen years ago and hasn’t abandoned it. She imported beauty and makeup tutorials from the United States when Instagram didn’t even exist and her followers have not only not abandoned her, but have faithfully followed her from her first blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page and now on Instagram. where it is one hundred percent focused and currently has 212,000 followers.

Isabel G. protects her privacy so much that she prefers not to give her last name to avoid searches by the curious and she does not expose her personal life on Instagram either, which helps her better cope with the suffocating pressure of the networks and, moreover, makes a difference.

«Everyone likes a marujeo and they ask me a lot about my sentimental situation, but I don’t give in there. I know that they like it and it would reach more people or more quickly, but that is not part of my job, I have never shown my daughter’s face », she explains.

Aishawari, from Alicante, made her way in the beauty sector in Spain when she was still studying to be a teacher. «I was watching beauty tutorials on YouTube from girls in the United States until one day I asked myself why not try it… I actually started a blog because I always liked writing and it was a hobby, I had fun… Shortly after I opened the YouTube channel and there I already took it professionally. The channel is still open because there are topics that never go out of style and it continues to generate traffic, but I am one hundred percent focused on Instagram », she explains.

Fifteen years later, he assures that he dedicates himself professionally to it: «Many times they ask me what I work for, but this is my job. Behind a reel or a post there is a lot of preparation… In fact, a representation agency helps me because I record, edit, view content, manage contracts… It’s really a lot of work and I’d be there all day,” he says. Isabel G., 39 years old.

Currently, companies like Mercadonala hire her to advertise their products and she is not worried about the huge number of competitors around her: “I really don’t care. It is true that when I started I was alone and now there are many who do something similar, but not the same. Each person has their essence and the key is to put a lot of love into what you do. I am specialized in beauty but very focused on women and girls on the street, who want to look beautiful without investing a lot of time or money, “concludes Aishawari.