A holiday flight has triggered a major rescue operation at Frankfurt Airport. The crew of Condor flight DE2315 from Mauritius to Frankfurt informed the control center at the destination airport on Thursday that some passengers were complaining of severe malaise. As a result, around 15 rescue vehicles were dispatched from outside the airport.

After landing at 5:33 p.m., the helpers encountered a previously unknown number of vacationers who had vomited or felt nauseous during the flight. A spokeswoman for the airline did not provide any information on the exact number on Friday. However, the crew was not affected. “It is also trained and trained for special situations like this. After careful examination of the overall situation, the flight was continued,” said the spokeswoman.

Several media outlets reported that 70 people were affected. According to Condor, there were 290 passengers on board the 310-seat Airbus A330neo aircraft. According to information from the German Press Agency, not all of the ambulances were needed, so many helpers left without completing their mission.

The airline Condor said it has opened an investigation into the incident. They said they did not want to participate in speculation about the possible cause, such as individual menus on board.