Severe turbulence on an Air Europa flight from Spain to Uruguay left more than two dozen passengers injured, with some suffering neck and skull fractures. The flight made an emergency landing in Brazil after the turbulent conditions caused chaos on board.

According to officials, Flight UX045 experienced the turbulence about four hours into the journey from Madrid to Uruguay. Passengers described a terrifying scene, with some being thrown around the cabin and even one passenger becoming embedded in the ceiling. In total, 36 passengers were treated for injuries, with 23 of them being taken to the hospital for further care.

The injuries ranged from head, neck, and chest injuries due to passengers hitting their heads during the turbulence. Some passengers were in shock but had no physical injuries. By the end of the day, five passengers remained hospitalized, with four of them in intensive care.

While turbulence is common during flights, severe cases like this are rare. In the United States, only 163 serious injuries from aircraft turbulence were reported between 2009 and 2022. However, this incident marks the second case of severe injuries from turbulence in two months, highlighting the potential dangers of such conditions during flights.

Studies suggest that climate change may be contributing to an increase in turbulence due to changes in air currents caused by higher carbon dioxide emissions. This means that incidents like the one on the Air Europa flight could become more common in the future.

Overall, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of wearing seatbelts during flights, as turbulence can unexpectedly lift passengers out of their seats, leading to injuries. Passengers should always follow safety instructions provided by the airline to ensure their well-being during flights.