Pasta is not only concentrated food for the body, but also for the soul. Especially when you’re starting to run out of steam after a long day at work or when your little ones haven’t been able to leave the playground for too long. In such cases, it’s not a bad idea to cook quickly. Not only, but especially on days when time is tight, the credo applies: Pasta is always possible.

The carbohydrates in the noodles provide an energy boost and are also low in fat. If the pasta is made from whole grains, it is also rich in fiber, which is good for digestion. And perhaps the best thing about pasta: it’s quick to make and extremely versatile. The quick pasta classics Aglio e Olio and Cacio e Pepe are well known, and a simple tomato sauce or pesto can also provide quick relief when you’re hungry.

But you can definitely want more in terms of cuisine. This creamy pasta with zucchini is ready for the oven in just a few extra steps and within five minutes. The pasta doesn’t even have to be pre-cooked for this dish, just the vegetables have to be chopped. Once all the ingredients are in the casserole dish, all you have to do is wait for the oven to do the rest.


1 small zucchini200 g cherry tomatoes1 garlic clove, pressed300 g linguine150 g cream cheese, e.g. with herbs, chili or natural600ml vegetable stock1 tbsp tomato pasteSalt and pepper

Tip: Instead of zucchini, you can also choose alternative vegetables such as mushrooms or pre-cooked broccoli