An angry crowd in Berlin-Neukölln stopped an ambulance in the middle of the street when the lights were flashing and put two men in the car with stab wounds. The fire department confirmed this incident on Thursday evening, which the police concealed in their statement on Friday, to the Interior Committee on Monday.

The paramedics in the ambulance transported a patient, said a fire department representative. Then they came across the crowd in Sonnenallee, as the “BZ” reports. The “mass of people on the road forced the car to stop.” After they were stopped by the approximately 50 men, the paramedics immediately alerted the police and then delivered a total of three patients to the hospital – the last part of the journey under police escort.

It was not known who had previously been transported in the ambulance. According to the fire department, the person’s life was not in danger. The paramedics were not physically attacked.

Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) said that this was an “unlikely thing, I really have to say that.” She added: “Then I also expect such cases to be communicated very clearly.”

According to police, there was an argument between three men in a bar. More and more men intervened. A 21-year-old man was stabbed in the stomach and a 29-year-old suffered a stab wound to his buttocks. Then the police wrote on Friday: “Both had been taken to a hospital by the crew of an ambulance that happened to pass by the scene of the incident, which they were able to leave after outpatient treatment.” A 34-year-old man was arrested as a suspected perpetrator.