After train cancellations due to overhead line damage in Munich, the first tracks have been released for train traffic again. Regional and long-distance trains can approach Munich Central Station again; the repairs have progressed faster than planned, Deutsche Bahn said on its website on Thursday evening. On Friday, long-distance and regional traffic should largely return to normal when operations begin. However, some trains can still be canceled in the morning, it said.

On Thursday there were major disruptions with delays and train cancellations (stern reported). The Munich S-Bahn initially reported a complete failure. However, the lines gradually resumed operations during the night and the S-Bahn soon announced in the online service Nevertheless, delays and short-term train cancellations must still be expected across the entire network, it said.

According to initial findings, an excavator during construction work on the second S-Bahn trunk line in the Munich-Laim area had damaged a complete transverse structure that spans the overhead lines across all tracks on the line. As a result, the important route between the main station and Munich-Pasing was closed. Long-distance and regional traffic as well as traffic on the S-Bahn main line in the state capital was completely stopped, with a few exceptions. The Munich main station could not be reached.

“The DB expressly apologizes for the inconvenience caused to its passengers,” said Deutsche Bahn (DB). The breakdown during the construction work resulted in numerous train cancellations and delays, and other trains ended early or departed from other stations. As a result, many long-distance travelers were unable to start their journey in Munich or reach their destination.

After all, all passengers who had to postpone their planned trip due to damage to the overhead line can use their ticket at a later date. “The train connection has been lifted,” the railway informed. The ticket is also valid with a changed route until the journey to the destination. Seat reservations could be canceled free of charge.