Republican Dave McCormick gave in to Mehmet Oz, a celebrity doctor from Pennsylvania, as the state recounted the May 17 elections.

The Associated Press reports that Oz was ahead of McCormick by 972 votes. The final results of the recount are expected to be announced early next week. McCormick spoke to supporters Friday evening and stated that he couldn’t make up the deficit in the recount.

“Today, I called Mehmet Oz to congratulate him for his victory and I told him what he always told me: that I would do my part to help unite Republicans in Pennsylvania behind his candidacy and behind his nomination for Senate,” said the ex-hedge fund CEO.

Oz, who was endorsed in part by President Donald Trump, will now face John Fetterman (Democratic lieutenant governor of the state) in November.

Oz tweeted, “I received a gracious call from David McCormick. I am tremendously thankful for his pledge to support the fall election.” “We share the same goal for a brighter tomorrow for Pennsylvania & America.”

Fetterman is currently recovering from a stroke that he had days before the primary. He needed to have a pacemaker implant procedure. Since then, he has not been back on the campaign trail. He has only made video appearances.

Fetterman issued a statement earlier Friday stating that he should have taken better care of his health and hadn’t seen a doctor for five years.

“Like many others and especially men, I avoided the doctor even though I knew that I wasn’t feeling well. Fetterman stated that I nearly died as a result.

A letter was also sent by his cardiologist, which stated that Fetterman can return to the campaign trail and be in the Senate if he takes care of himself.

Retired GOP Senator Pat Toomey will be filling the vacant Senate seat, making it Pennsylvania’s first open Senate seat for more than a decade. Because Oz’s lead was less that half a point, the Republican primary recount was automatically done.