Cartoon Network Studios (CNS) has exciting news for fans of the beloved animated series “Adventure Time.” Three new projects are currently in the works, including a movie and two spinoff series.

The “Adventure Time” movie is still in development, with details being kept under wraps. However, fans can expect a stellar lineup of animation talent, including Rebecca Sugar, Patrick McHale, and Adam Muto, all of whom are veterans of the original series.

One of the spinoff series, titled “Adventure Time: Side Quests,” will take viewers back in time to when Finn was a young boy dreaming of epic adventures with Jake the Dog. Unlike the original series, “Side Quests” will feature standalone episodes focusing on early versions of fan-favorite characters like The Ice King.

The second spinoff series, “Adventure Time: Heyo BMO,” will be a preschool show centered around the lovable video game console, BMO. The series will follow BMO and new friends as they navigate challenges suitable for younger audiences. With Adam Muto and Ashlyn Anstee on board, fans can expect an entertaining and heartwarming series.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s commitment to leveraging popular IPs is evident in the decision to expand the “Adventure Time” universe. By introducing new films and series set in the Land of Ooo, the company aims to continue the success of the franchise.

With these new projects on the horizon, fans of “Adventure Time” have much to look forward to as they revisit the whimsical and magical world created by the original series. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming movie and spinoff series from Cartoon Network Studios.