The skyrocketing fuel prices of the past few months could come as quite a surprise to some travelers since airlines can charge additional fees up to 30 days before departure.

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“If carriers do this, they will alienate consumers,” said Luc Laflamme of Voyage Vasco Spatial. “It annoys me if we have to do it, because there are customers who will land here. »

Rising fuel cost

In recent days, the Office de la protection du consommateur published a press release to remind you that a travel agency may, according to the Regulation respecting travel agents, charge customers an additional rate if a carrier claims additional costs for the fuel.

This means that even if the contract is signed and the trip is paid for, a new invoice could be added for the price of fuel.

This clause must, however, be found in the contract and the traveler must have been notified verbally when signing, except for an internet purchase, warns the Consumer Protection Office which published this press release after receiving “a few calls from consumers who had questions on this subject.

If the additional amount claimed exceeds 7% of the price of the trip before taxes, the traveler may be reimbursed, if desired.

No cases so far

So far, Mr. Laflamme says he has not had to charge additional sums to his clients, despite the increases in recent months.

However, he says he already had to do it in the 90s during the Gulf War and that several people were furious.

“It was $20 to $30 increases at that time,” he recalls.

The president of the Association of Travel Agents of Quebec, Moscow Côté, has never had to apply this regulation put in place in 2010.

“This creates insecurity and frustration not only among consumers, but also among travel agents,” he said.